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29 August 2014


Belgian Heroes = second track from our fortcoming LP, "THE BELGIANS" due to be out on October 27th!!!

After the wonderfull (or at least so rare) performance of our belgian team, we released that new song out of our upcoming record.
Watch, listen, hate, share, forget, or whatever, but be ready for the Belgian invasion next fall!

12 May 2014



Hello everyone!

Our new album is now almost finished!
It’s called The Experimental Tropic Blues Band presents THE BELGIANS and it describes & explores the Belgian reality, diversity, singularity, absurdity & surrealism… so many things for a country as tiny as a post stamp!

With this new album, we’ll give some very special shows where music and images mix with each other. We did a first try at Dour Festival last year on our National Day and we’ll do it again (in its ultimate version) at Les Nuits Botanique for the Belgian Night on May 21st, and at Europavox Festival in Clermont-Ferrand on June 6th!

The album will be available in October and will be followed by a tour… More info soon, but here is a first overview!

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band Presents the Belgian’s : Disobey from La Film Fabrique on Vimeo.

Here are our upcoming shows

21/05/2014 Les Nuits - Botanique - Bruxelles - BE - TETBB Present The Belgians
06/06/2014 Europavox Festival - La Nuit Belge - Clermont Ferrand - FR - TETBB Present The Belgians
28/06/2014 Park-Kult-Tour - Duisbourg - DE
26/07/2014 Zwarte Cross - Zwolle - NL
08/08/2014 Brincadeira Festival - A Coruña - ESP

Enjoy & feel free to disobey!

13 February 2014



TRACKS, the cult Arte program dedicated to the underground & sub culture talked about, and with us, in their emission of February case of you missed it, you can watch it again HERE

future gigs

September 2014

26+09+2014 Sat Rocks Festival - Lausanne - CH  

October 2014

4+10+2014 Rock’Aisne Forces - Vevins - FR  
11+10+2014 De Casino - Sint Niklaas - BE  
17+10+2014 Kraftfeld - Winterthur - CH  
18+10+2014 Bad Bonn - Dudingen - CH  
23+10+2014 Hafenklang - Hamburg - DE  
25+10+2014 Sonic Ballroom - Köln - DE  

November 2014

8+11+2014 TETBB Presents THE BELGIANS - Beautés Soniques - Namur - BE  
monter descendre

The list of past gigs

Since its beginings in the city of Liège in 1999, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band have gained more & more support and interest from the public due to its wild stage antics and their raw blend of blues and rock’n’roll.
Great performers and entertainers, Dirty Coq (guitar, voice), Boogie Snake (guitar, voice) and Devil D’Inferno (drums) played almost no-stop in every corner of Europe and in North America. They already shared the stage with acts like The Cramps, Bob Log III, Heavy Trash, JSBX, André Williams, The Soledad Brothers, Jay Reatard, The Black Lips, Jim Jones Review & many more!
After the release of an E.P. ’Dynamite Boogie’, in 2005, and two LP’s, ’Hellelujah’ in 2007 and ’Captain Boogie’ in 2009, the combo recorded its 3rd album, ’Liquid Love’ in NYC in March 2011, at Matt Verta Ray’s studio ( NY HED ), and Jon Spencer produced & mixed it. Check the online shop just below if you want to get one of these stuffs.
To be kept posted you can suscribe to their newsletter (go to the form on the top of the website), facebook them HERE or follow their tweets THERE.
Thx for stoping by, cheers & keep on rockin’!